Diagnosing Bearing Damage using Vibration Monitoring – Led by Joe Conyers, SKF

Detecting bearing failure with vibration data?

Don’t repeat the same mistakes. Learn what to do next.

Many plants use condition monitoring programs to detect impending bearing failure. The vibration data collected can indicate that a bearing is failing. But detection is only the first step.  Without understanding the true root cause of the failure, you run the risk of repeating the same mistakes. If that’s the case, the replacement bearing you install will likely meet the same fate.

SKF invites you to a one-day technical seminar to discuss real-world case studies of detected bearing failures. Presentations will highlight everything from the initial data reports to the final damage analysis. The damaged/failed bearings – right out of the machines – are available for hands-on inspection.

Morning session:

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Case studies linking historical vibration data to damaged bearings
  • Hands-on exercises to begin the damage analysis process

Afternoon session:

  • Continue Case studies
  • Connecting the disciplines: Vibration & Bearing Damage Analysis
  • Compare suspected faults vs. initial damage analysis and the final fault determination
  • Aligning corrective actions to the true root cause
  • Next steps
  • Q&A/Wrap up

Who should attend?

This seminar is recommended for all plant/facility personnel involved with rotating equipment, machine reliability, and predictive maintenance.

Joe Conyer’s Bio

Joe Conyers is senior consulting engineer, training and development with SKF Training Solutions. He has held many positions with SKF in his almost 30 years with the company, and currently develops and delivers training in Mechanical skills related to rolling element bearing installation, maintenance, lubrication, and failure analysis. Joe has performed more than 100 shop audits to certify electric motor repair shops while at SKF.

Joe earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy, and served as a Navy pilot on active duty, prior to joining SKF.