Five Components to a Winning Planning and Storeroom Partnership – Led by Jeff Shiver, People and Processes

Poor maintenance processes drive higher storeroom values. It’s not uncommon to find maintenance planners spending five or more hours per day addressing parts and materials issues for hopefully, future work.  And it’s not uncommonto find storeroom personnel consuming some of their day duplicating the efforts of the maintenance planner.  At the same time, the MRO storeroom personnel struggle to balance inventory levels with “customer” service and cost. Merelyreducing inventory values without a coordinated process causes the MRO storeroom to cut maintenance efficiency and plant capacity. Often, management misses the connections between the two functions.

Two other items, apple pie andvanilla ice cream,are favorites on their own too butalmost everyone knows that combining them creates a winning combination. Maintenance planning and scheduling along with the MRO storeroom often exist as independent silos. Yet,combining the two separate functions into a seamless flow creates a winning combination for everyone.

In this half-day workshop, join Jeff Shiver as he shares how maintenance planning and scheduling can partner with the MRO storeroom to create an unbeatable combination where the organization wins. In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Design the business processes that build the partnership and create a win-win for the two groups and the organization.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities to eliminate the overlapping efforts and to ensure that we are headed in the best direction together.
  • Select performance indicators to drive the right behaviors with the partnership.
  • Leverage the CMMS/EAM system to drive efficiencies and obtain the right information for better decisions.
  • Use the PM/ CBM processes to reduce inventory values and increase storeroom turns

Jeff Shiver’s Bio

Jeff Shiver, CMRP, CPMM, RCM2 / RCM3 Practitioner guides people and organizations to overcome their reliability and operational challenges. Working together in partnership, we move beyond the status quo inculture, business results, and most importantly, people.

Jeff has over 25+ years of practitioner experience. Within Mars North America, he worked at four plant locations and held two corporate roles.  Job functions included Engineering, Maintenance, and Operations management. BeforeMars, he held contract engineering positions at Proctor and Gamble, and IBM.

Founding People and Processes, Inc. in 2006, Jeff is a trusted advisor for the Maintenance and Reliability community. He is a book author, conference speaker, thought leader, and published in domestic and international trade journals. Jeff is also the Membership Services Director for the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP).