Implementing An Effective Asset Management Process – Led by Ramesh Gulati, Jacobs

This interactive workshop is designed to guide you in establishing a practical and an effective Asset Management (AM) process, which when implemented right, will minimize business risks and maximize the return on your assets. In addition, your asset management process should meet ISO’s AM standard (ISO 55000) compliance requirements.

Do your assets deliver the best value? Do they perform as designed and meet your expectations? Do you know the health of your assets or when they need to be replaced or modified? Do you know how much they cost you to operate and maintain?  Are they comparable to industry benchmarks? Do you have a process established to reduce the total cost of ownership?

This workshop is based on our experiences of managing assets “from cradle to grave” and is centered on the book ‘Ten Rights of Asset Management’ by Ramesh Gulati & Terrence O’Hanlon.

This workshop covers the following topics:

  • Introduction – What is Asset Management and Why?
  • Organization’s Goals / Expectations
  • Asset’s Role in Delivering Value
  • Asset Performance Factors
  • 10 Rights of Asset Management – Best Practices
  • Application of Asset Management Standards
  • Establishing an Asset Management Process
  • Asset Management Policies, Plans, Procedures etc.
  • Lessons Learned and Challenges

Learning Objectives:

  • Asset’s role in delivering value
  • Asset Lifecycle phases
  • Why the design, procure, build and install phases are important?
  • Understanding of all 10 Rights and their importance
  • Applicable ISO standards

Ramesh Gulati’s Bio

Asset Management & Reliability Specialist at Jacobs – Asset Management Group, Tullahoma, TN

A world-renowned leader in the maintenance, reliability, and asset management field and the author of more than four books, including the award-winning Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices. His new book, 10 Rights of Asset Managementwas released in 2017.  He is also known as “Reliability Sherpa” in reliability- asset management arena.

Ramesh has worked at Aerospace Testing Alliance / Jacobs, Arnold Engineering Development Complex -TN, Carrier A/C, True Temper Corp., Bethlehem Steel, Foundry Forge plant etc.

He is an active member of ASQ, IIE, IAM, SMRP and has authored numerous papers in maintenance – reliability, asset management, productivity improvements, application of standards and workforce development.

Ramesh holds BSME, MSIE, and an Executive MBA.