Integrating Operators into the Reliability Process – Led by Chris Endruhn, Reliability Solutions Training LP

The recognition of a business need to include operators in reliability efforts usually involves the application of some type of Operator Basic Care training, the results of which can sometimes be short lived and difficult to measure. In order to integrate operators into reliability we have found that it can be helpful to layout a roadmap at the strategic, tactical and application levels in order to ensure that the investment in operator skills brings value back to the site immediately after training.  In this seminar we will propose some potential paths that can be taken and review some of the strategies to help ensure successful implementation of an operator care process.

Gaining alignment across a facility on the positive impact that an operator care process can have, is invaluable to its success. Implementing and integrating operators into the reliability process is a cultural shift for a lot of sites and as such the need for frequent and varied communication about the process is helpful before, during and after implementation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will recognize that effective implementation of operator basic care training involves much more than holding a training class.
  • Participants will be able to identify and avoid some of the common pitfalls before implementing operator training.
  • Participants will come away with an awareness of the skills available to operators and how they can leverage this knowledge.
  • Participants will be aware of the necessary pre and post work for successful implementation of operator training.

Course description

Chris Endruhn’s Bio

Chris has over 15 years of field experience in both the production and the mechanical maintenance areas.  He has been a mechanical maintenance supervisor, operations front line leader, process engineer, and field technical sales & service engineer ; roles that support the goal of reliable and predictable manufacturing.

Chris earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta and has worked in the paper industry, and the oil and natural gas production industry.  He has run production and process improvement trials, devised and implemented down hole and pipeline corrosion inhibition programs, oil and natural gas production specialty chemical programs and paper machine wet end specialty chemical programs.  He has been involved in the design and implementation of operator basic care rounds, roll out of maintenance work systems, precision maintenance programs, and the day to day running of crews of mechanics and operators on lean budgets.

Chris is a Lead Instructor in Reliable Manufacturing and has worked for Baker Hughes, Nalco, Domtar and International Paper.  His extensive operations background gives him insight into what makes operators tick and how to motivate them to change.