Reliability Based Design – Building Reliability into Capital Projects – Led by Ron Moore, The RM Group, Inc.

“Reliability in capital projects begins with design.  Find out how you can achieve true competitive advantage by designing reliability and life cycle cost principles into your capital projects.”


  • How the best companies include reliability in the design phase of their projects to minimize costs and maximize performance.
  • How to determine the investment required for applying life cycle principles
  • How to balance payback and return on investment
  • How to develop a policy for life cycle cost

Ron Moore presents a one-day Reliability-based Design Master Class for those implementing new capital projects in their operations.

Reliability doesn’t revolve around maintenance; it begins long before this, in the initial design and installation processes.  This master class will explain the fundamentals behind reliability practices, and describe how procurement, operations and maintenance need to work together during new capital projects to make sure the right practices are applied to reduce lifecycle costs and increase reliability.

By designing processes and equipment with operations and maintenance in mind, you can prevent ‘defects’, avoiding unnecessary costs and optimizing plant performance.

The class will review different reliability practices, and provide invaluable advice on how you can apply them in your own organization to not only lower lifecycle costs, but improve performance, increase safety, reduce environmental risks and ultimately enhance your long-term competitive position.


The Master Class is for leaders in capital projects, including Directors, Project Managers & Engineers, Procurement Managers, Site Managers, Change Managers, Operations & Maintenance Managers, First-Line Supervisors, Reliability Leaders & influential frontline Operators & Maintainers.


  • An understanding of how to incorporate reliability and life cycle principles into the design of capital projects.
  • To what extent your current design and project practices incorporate reliability principles.
  • How to incorporate the requirements of operating, maintenance, installation and startup, stores/parts, and procurement into capital projects for better long term outcomes.
  • A model for determining the up-front costs of incorporating life cycle and reliability principles into your design and capital projects.
  • How to determine whether to use a payback or a discounted cash flow model in assessing the viability of a given project.
  • How to draft a corporate policy statement for assuring that life cycle and reliability principles are incorporated into your future projects.

course description

Ron Moore’s Bio

Ron Moore is the Managing Partner of The RM Group, Inc., Knoxville, TN.  He is an authority on strategies and practices for operational excellence and works with manufacturing and industrial companies in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, & the Middle East.


Ron is the author of :

  • Making Common Sense Common Practice: Models for Operational Excellence
  • What Tool? When? A Management Guide for Selecting the Right Improvement Tools
  • Business Fables & Foibles
  • Where Do We Start Our Improvement Program?
  • Our Transplant Journey: A Caregiver’s Story;
  • And over 60 papers and journal articles.

Prior to starting The RM Group, Ron served for five years as President of Computational Systems, Inc. (CSI). Ron also served for eight years as chairman of the Industry Advisory Board at the University of Dayton’s Center for Competitive Change.  He holds a BSME, MSME, MBA, PE, and CMRP.