James Nord

Reliability Specialist

James started his mining career in 2008 as a certified Red Seal Millwright, taking on a Supervisory role in 2009. Working at a remote mine site, he oversaw all process plant maintenance activities including repairs, welding, pipefitting, and scaffolding, and held certifications for all. During this time as a Mechanical Supervisor, he worked closely with the planning and projects groups, to assist with details, parts, timelines, and schedules for by-weekly shutdowns, major shut downs, and process improvements.

In 2012, his management set up a 5-day training seminar with Coco Net Inc. for Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCA) and Uptime. The training was very well presented and the instructor was well prepared for questions, and responded quickly with elaborate responses. In a nutshell the RCM/Uptime training seminar completely changed James’ way of thinking on how maintenance should be done.
Unfortunately, the management team at that mine changed shortly after, and progress stalled, but James took it upon himself to learn more about reliability and started reading uptime books, completing online courses and attending seminars. Knowing the benefits of predicative maintenance, he brought in trainers for vibration analysis, NDT, bearing maintenance, laser alignment, and lubrication.

The mine’s management changed again in 2014. After an audit of the reliability program showed much room for improvement, a dedicated Reliability Department was created. James took on the role of Reliability Coordinator, overseeing the lubrication and PdM programs. As Coordinator, James also facilitated RCA’s and took the lead on corrective actions, tracking for Piping U/T, pump data, NDT Inspections, insurance audits, oil analysis, vibration analysis and CWB welding quality control/Supervision.

James joined the Detour team in January 2017 and was very impressed with the progress the team had achieved in 6 short years. Detour uses many of the same principles and equipment that he is accustomed to, which is making the transition easier and smoother. He is excited to be a part of the team and looks forward to helping steer Detour towards a reliability driven culture.