Plant Turnaround and Outage Management

Workshop 9 – (1 Day) – Tuesday, March 13th

Led by Instructor Paul Casto, GE Digital

This course is overview of Reliability Management designed for a wide range of individuals who are leading, managing, interacting or working with reliability personnel and need to understand the basic concepts of reliability, how to leverage the reliability program to generate value, and how to create a culture of reliability within their organization. Critical elements of reliability management will be reviewed, including: Reliability policies, setting reliability goals, building a reliability plan, developing a reliability department, organizing for reliability, and measuring the results of the reliability program. In addition, the important topics of creating a culture of reliability and change management for reliability will be discussed.

Learning Objectives

1. Appreciate the basic elements of reliability

2. Understand reliability management and development of reliability policies

3. Learn to set reliability goals, develop a program to meet these goals and measure the results of the reliability program

4. Know how to develop and organize a reliability organization

5. Recognize the importance of a reliability culture and understand what’s necessary to create it  

Who should attend:

This course is designed be applicable to cross functional group of employees including: Corporate reliability managers, plant managers, department heads such as maintenance, operations, reliability/maintenance engineering, plant engineering, superintendents, area managers and team leads (foreman) from plant operations and maintenance.