The Reliability Improvement Puzzle: Putting All the Pieces Together

Workshop 7 – (1 Day) – Tuesday, March 13th

Led by Shon Isenhour, Eruditio

Have you ever wondered how all these continuous improvement, reliability tools, and techniques like lean, RCA, Six Sigma, planning, scheduling, RCM, and the like fit together to drive success?

Does your organization have favorite pieces that they try to force everywhere without a good understanding of why?

Has your organization tried to put the right piece in the right hole at the wrong time leaving it floating unsupported?

This workshop will look at the puzzle pieces and sort them out. We will talk about how some techniques work together, and how they can work against each other. We will look at unintentional consequences and use real life examples from sites that have succeeded and failed. Attendees will be participating in this interactive session, both by sharing their experiences with the group and building a better master plan for their organization, one puzzle piece at a time. They will take home real examples of the pieces of the puzzle that they can use. Attend and you will leave with a better understanding of reliability, continuous improvement, maintenance, and asset management and what it takes to step up to the next level of performance.