SMRP Metrics Workshop

Workshop 6 – (1 Day) – Monday, March 12th

Led by Paul Dufresne, Reliability Playbook

How do you know which metrics truly matter? As an SMRP member one of your greatest resources is the SMRP Compendium of Metrics. In this workshop, you’ll gain insights into the latest thinking on maintenance and reliability metrics. Attendees will learn the process of using the metric hierarchy for linking maintenance and reliability activities to the organization’s strategy. Using this proven process, M&R practitioners will be able to demonstrate maintenance and reliability’s impact on an organization. Best practices will be discussed on the metrics used for the 5 pillars of the body of knowledge for M&R practitioners. M&R metrics are an important tool for business leaders in their effort to provide valuable insight as it relates to better business results.

SMRP’s Best Practices Committee will present a hands-on workshop reviewing the standard definitions and application of common Maintenance and Reliability Metrics developed by this committee. The attendee will understand how to measure performance consistently, make valid comparisons, and provide guidance to their organization on how to use these indicators. The workshop is interactive using specific examples to apply and calculate the metrics.

Learning Objectives – After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Examine the process for determining the right set of metrics for your business
  • Understand the process (metric hierarchy) for linking M&R metrics to the organization’s strategy
  • Identify metrics that measure efficiency, effectiveness and strategic execution
  • Practice calculating M&R metrics using formulas and sample data sets
  • Discuss the value of dashboards/scorecards as a tool to track strategic execution
  • Discuss effective techniques of data reporting so that management can use the information to make better decisions