How to Develop a Lubricant Contamination Control Strategy

Workshop 3 – (1 Day) – Monday, March 12th

Led by David Rosenthal, Reliability Strategy and Implementation Consultancy

This workshop will focus on those industries manufacturing consumer goods (personal care, foods, beverages) and their efforts to improve productivity to get more product out the door. The workshop will introduce the attendee to data gathering methods in order to build a business case, aspects of common manufacturing equipment, techniques for improving reliability and productivity, maintenance strategies, and how to compose an improvement plan. The workshop is geared for “widget” type of manufacturing where consumer goods are mixed, bottled, packaged and warehoused. The methodologies are gear to principles of lean, standardization, total productive manufacturing (TPM) and other productivity improving principles.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how to build a business case for productivity improvement and the data required to persuade company management.
  2. Understand the operating and maintaining aspect of common mixing, bottling, packaging, and warehouse equipment.
  3. Understand several tools that aim at improving productivity.
  4. Establish an improvement plan as a path forward for improvement.

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